Deep Island Hawaiian Rum – WAVE

Made from organic sugar cane and blended with deep ocean mineral water, Deep Island Hawaiian Rum is produced at Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and Distillery in Kula, Maui, Hawai‘i.  The rum will be available for purchase and sampling at The Farm starting September 1 and will be available for distribution throughout Hawai‘i starting October 1.


Deep Island Hawaiian Rum delivers a true rum experience complete with all of the flavor and character that is germane to fresh pressed cane juice.  The authentic clear Maui rum is a little sweet with hints of tropical florals and rich dark molasses.


“Deep Island Hawaiian Rum was inspired by our appreciation for sugar cane as a truly remarkable ingredient in creating distilled spirits,” says Hawaii Sea Spirits Master Distiller, Bill Scott. “It’s not only our goal but our passion to produce the cleanest, most mixable, luxurious spirits that showcase the unique qualities of the organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water blend.”


“Named for its cultural relevance as much as its physical description of Hawai‘i, Deep Island Hawaiian Rum embodies the very spirit of our tropical islands,” stated HSS CEO, Shay Smith. “Not only are the Hawaiian Islands the deepest in the world, but also our way of life is deep rooted in horticultural nurturing. This particular clear rum is dubbed “WAVE” to further depict our respect for the energy in water that brings life to our islands.”


“Within all spirits, rum is the third largest category globally and is one of the top cocktail calls around the world. It also has nearly 25% market share of all spirits in Hawai‘i. Given our ability to craft such a distinct and unique taste profile, we are confident that consumers and the trade will be excited about this new product,” added Shay.


Hawaii Sea Spirits plans a limited release for introduction in Hawai‘i this year and a full release in the US mainland markets beginning 2015.